Leaf energy Inc, a start-up that produces electric eco-friendly transport solutions is introducing a smart e-moped style motorbike, Reo!
Electric transportation solutions will continue to be popularized as the market shifts towards an electricity-centric model, so their bike comes as the latest creation that identifies a new approach.

The motorcycle consists of a stylish modern futuristic aesthetics that has been outfitted with pedals and Bosch motor in the rear to provide riders with the feeling of both a bike and a traditional motorcycle. The pedals on the unit replace the traditional hand throttle to let riders pedal as fast as they would like to go in similar fashion to a bicycle.

What’s extremely conveinent about this bike is the ease of rechargng it, you can recharge it anywhere portably, just place the nattery on the base charger and you’re goo to go, AMAZING!

The bike is an upscale piece of transportation equipment With high-performance Lithium-ion battery, 3 speed mode & cruise controlLED lights, 21° ° Climbing ability, Bluetooth, LED display panel, large under seat compartment and an automatic accurate & stable control motor unit for different road conditions, the bike has borderless elements that identifies how we will likely see single-rider bikes change as demand increases.

The end result is a high-quality eMopped bike that comes equipped with an individual structure while maintaining the company’s strict zero emissions values.


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