Leaf is at the forefront of the new electric vehicle (EV) revolution and is developing 
unique new products and services to support its vision.


Our Mission

The mission of our company is to develop advanced, environmentally-friendly electric mobility solutions for the commercial delivery market, lowering emissions and enabling time, money, and energy savings. Smart bikes from Leaf are operated through a digital platform, which streamlines the logistics process and saves both operators and consumers time and money. The platform provides visibility, communication, and analytics in real-time. With live updates, operators can monitor their courier fleet on an ongoing basis and catch delays earlier, thereby improving efficiency.

Products being offered by us do not emit any emissions and provide dependability on an easy-to-use platform. In just one minute, Leaf riders can swap their batteries at one of our charging stations for a quick recharge, providing 120Km further on a single charge. Our stations operate 24/7 and are powered by dedicated synchronization software to ensure maximum up-time.

When it comes to consumers, we believe that everyone should have the freedom to drive on clean energy. We design, manufacture and market EVs to make it easy for everyone to choose a zero-emissions vehicle. Our focus is on cost, ease of use, and freedom to drive without interruption.

Sustainability and Innovation

Leaf Energy was conceived with the core idea of maintaining customer satisfaction through an eco-friendly method of quick delivery. We are implementing this idea as an answer to the current sustainability needs of the 21st century, all while creating a fresh, unique, and innovative implementation to the world of transportation and delivery. We are committed to assisting businesses as they transform their commercial fleets from regular conventional fuel vehicles to electric ones.

Our aim is to reduce emissions, while keeping the costs low for the supplier, and in turn lowering costs for the consumer.

Welcome to the Future of Transportation

Leaf’s combination of smart bikes, recyclable batteries, and quick battery swap stations will enable companies in the busiest parts of the world to finally make their transition, take control of their emissions, and improve their transportation ability.

This is the most visible demonstration of the user’s commitment to the green movement.

In the U.S. alone, transportation was responsible for 29% of total greenhouse gas emissions. It is just recently that the automotive industry has begun making the switch to more eco-friendly, electric alternatives.

The need to find new and innovative ways to conserve our planet has never been more important, and if the last couple years has taught us anything, it’s that delivery services will always be needed. When exploring the last mile delivery industry more in detail, you’ll notice that the world truly is shifting to online commerce. The online market has seen a 65% growth over the last year. Beyond that, 70% of restaurants’ orders are now done and delivered via an app. With this exponential growth, emissions have compounded, leaving us with very few solutions. One of which being electrification. We asked, why has this industry yet to explode? And what’s been stopping fleet operators from making the switch to electric?

We found that there are four critical flaws in the current infrastructure which need to be addressed. First, existing solutions are cost-prohibitive, and consumers are unwilling to spend more to cover egregious delivery costs. The next three problems, however, all reside around the delivery companies themselves. First and foremost, recharge times. The recharge times are too time-consuming, in an industry where time is of the essence. Second, the range of the vehicles. Current market needs often require the wheels to be spinning all day, and battery ranges are not quite there yet.

Finally, as the old saying goes, time is money. Slow scooters make it hard for these companies to justify the expenditure, as lower speeds equal fewer deliveries. This is where Leaf Energy comes into play.

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