Future-Proof E-Mobility

Our company designs, develops, and deploys highly efficient electric motorbikes, fast chargers, and real-time environmental monitoring technology for businesses, delivery companies, and fleets that wish to convert from traditional fuels to renewable energy sources.

What we offer

Our electric motorbikes are built for commercial deliveries. They are optimized for speed and range, with a maximum speed of 90Kmh and range up to 185Km


Leaf Express is a stand-alone charging station that can be deployed anywhere without lengthy construction. Swapping batteries takes less than a minute. Stop, swap, and ride 150KM further.


Rider GO EV's app will support your daily operations, help optimize schedules, and keep your riders informed about any changes or delays.


Intelligent dispatching allows a complete overview of your entire fleet, resulting in superior customer service, improved resource utilization, and unit economics..

Data Visualization

By utilizing fast-moving ecosystem technologies and Internet-of-Things technology, Smart Diagnostics helps fleet operators comply with the Sustainable Development Goals by allowing them to report their environmental impact directly from their vehicles


With a design developed by electrical vehicle industry experts, we have eliminated all obstacles that interfere with fun and uninhibited activities.



Electric motorbikes designed for commercial deliveries with speeds up to 55 mph and travel distances of up to 93 miles, carrying up to 300 pounds and available in a variety of cargo models.

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We make recharging an extremely fast, flexible, hassle-free, and user-friendly process by utilizing our independent charging units, which require minimal installation and are one of the many things which set us apart from any of our competitors.

There are several ways that you can recharge your device:

1. Adding your own charging stations to your operation/fulfillment areas

2. Placement at strategic locations where most flees converge

3. Charging at one of our terminals scattered around the city. There is no chance of your fleet running out of power, that’s our guarantee.


There are many benefits to operating an electric vehicle fleet in addition to reducing harmful emissions. When you have a green fleet and reduce your bottom line at the same time, you are winning in both directions.

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However, is that even possible? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of electric vehicle fleets.

  • Eco-Friendly: Electrified motorbikes are more environmentally friendly than cars and delivery vans. This is becoming more and more significant to customers. Furthermore, electric motorbikes operate without any noise or pollution in car-free zones and city centers.
  • Do you have to deliver food in rush hour? Cars can’t handle this; electric bikes can. A motorbike doesn’t need to deal with traffic jams, and there’s no parking hassle.
  • Cut Fuel Costs: Fleets spend the biggest portion of their budgets on fuel. In spite of current gas prices, fleets will always incur fuel expenditures. The only way to minimize this is to switch to electric vehicles.
  • Consumer awareness: As consumers become increasingly aware of fossil fuels’ impacts on delivery vehicles, this factor will soon play a pivotal role in how they choose where to shop.


Whether it is for airports, hotels, or shopping malls, we provide a wide range of electric vehicle solutions that make their operations more efficient and safe.

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Thanks to their zero dimensions, electric movers are ideal for airport logistics as well as shopping malls, and can be used indoors, outdoors and even in tight spaces. Ergonomic, silent running, and eco-friendly solutions designed for moving travelers, shoppers, catering, goods, or carrying luggage.

The benefits:

1. A zero-emission logistics system

2. Simple user interface

3. A safe environment

4. Multipurpose

5. It is soundless

6. Long-lasting battery

7. It takes 1 minute to recharge


Delivering groceries on an electric ecofriendly motorbike is the most obvious way to demonstrate your commitment to being environmentally friendly.

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Your customers will haave the convenience of an electric delivery service within minutes and at supermarket prices, a service that is increasingly used by more and more people as opposed to riding or driving their own vehicles directly to the shop or paying extra fees for fuel-powered vehicles.

An electric motorbike for delivery services has these key features:

  • A delivery service’s robustness is one of its most insignificant characteristics. The ideal delivery motorbike should, on the one hand, be durable. Meanwhile, it should be able to withstand “overturns” and other incidents.
  • Maintenance-free: Bikes or cargo bikes used for delivery services are less likely to need maintenance, reducing costs. For this reason, manufacturers also avoid components that are particularly prone to wear, such as suspension forks.
  • Easy to operate: Every second counts, so ease of use wins out over features.
  • Designed in a way that is safe: Electric bikes or cargo bikes are well suited to thieves. Locking a bike rack is not an assurance. This makes good theft protection even more imperative. Companies can ensure that their expensive bikes don’t fall into the wrong hands with GPS trackers.
  • A vehicle with your company’s logo or some other form of branding is a very effective advertisement. Two luggage racks at the front and rear, along with other additional equipment may be needed depending on the contents to be transported. Leaf’s electric delivery motorbikes are therefore customisable to the customer’s needs.