We count on each team member to uphold our values and carry forward our mission as our most asset. Leaf Energy is committed to operating at the highest levels of excellence within a culture of Reliability, Drive, Swagger, Responsiveness, Fearlessness, and Truth. To ensure we remain focused on our customers while ensuring our employees can achieve the utmost satisfaction in their careers, we need to develop these cultural competencies.
Leaf Energy’s Code of Conduct policy and the information it contains serve as reflections of the Cultural Competencies listed above in addition to clarifying critical behavioral expectations.


We have drafted our Code of Conduct (the “Code of Conduct”) to help guide the behavior of all
employees within Leaf Energy, including our subsidiaries and affiliates. Additionally, non-employee members of the Board of Directors, as well as contractors, vendors, suppliers, consultants, and other parties doing business with Leaf Energy are required to uphold the Code of Conduct. Keeping up to date with the content of this policy and acting in a manner that conforms to expectations is the responsibility of every member of the organization.


– Creating consistent, high-performance culture utilizes our Code of Conduct.
– Be reliable – show up for your colleagues and our customers, give them the best of your abilities and act in their best interests; establish your reputation for consistently performing well.
– Strive to win and sustain Leaf Energy as the industry leader by constantly improving our business.

– A response-driven organization that responds with agility and commitment to the needs of the business. It embraces challenges and strives to provide solutions.
– Fearless – accept new opportunities and challenge yourself to take on new responsibilities; give your best effort and keep raising the bar for yourself and the business. We are committed to acting with integrity and delivering upon our commitments. We are committed to providing our customers and colleagues with the best service.
In addition to leading our organization to prosperity, the cultural competencies of our organization also ensure that we achieve success in a way that we are all proud of. Consequently, each item addressed within the Code of Conduct policy has been guided by themes within one or more of our cultural competencies.


Having an effective communication strategy is vital to the success of the organization, and all its members are expected to play their part. Communications in the workplace can be conducted via a variety of methods, including emails, telephone calls, text messages, presentation materials, instant messages, the internet, social media, and more. Leaf employees are expected to maintain a professional stance and conduct themselves with the highest level of consideration Every communication they make represents the organization to others. Professionalism and respect are essential to maintaining effective relationships with stockholders, colleagues, customers, and third parties and Partners in business.
In this respect, professionalism and respect for others are extremely important values to preserve in all communications. Inappropriate or inappropriate communication is not tolerated by the organization, The business, our customers, or the morale of our employees will be adversely affected. Additionally, our organization is required to comply with several regulations to promote transparency.
We ensure that the information we share with the investment community is accurate.
We file or furnish reports and documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission

All earnings releases, as well as similar public communications, must include a fair, consistent message an easy-to-understand and timely disclosure. Therefore, it is important that the information shared with the public is managed by authorized members of the Company. Unless otherwise specified. No employee shall be authorized to issue public statements except by the organization’s senior leadership Statements by Leaf Energy. Among other things, this means no sharing of confidential information, providing company information on social media sites and other internet forums as well as refraining from answering enquiries from members of the press. If you are contacted for company information meant to be shared in a public forum, you should refer it senior leadership or human resources. Our success is based on our customers’ mutual trust and respect, it is the responsibility of everyone to work with business partners. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we operate fairly, openly, ethically, lawfully, and honestly with these important stakeholders. Leaf Energy’s directors, officers, and employees are prohibited from taking unfair advantage of another person in business dealings on Leaf Energy’s behalf by abusing privileged or confidential information or by improperly manipulating, concealing, or misrepresenting material facts. As we build solid business relationships, it is important to ensure that the values of our organizations align to maximize the business benefits we obtain by partnering with each other. Leaf Energy pays a high level of attention to corporate citizenship and expects the same of its business partners. Neither our organization nor any of its subsidiaries will engage in business dealings with companies we know to engage in practices contrary to our values, particularly when it involves child labor, human trafficking, or other violations of human rights. Additionally, we will not do business with any entity we know to be in violation of the law or operating with other such improprieties that are contrary to the values of Leaf Energy. To ensure that business partners are aligned with our corporate values, Leaf Energy employees are expected to take reasonable measures of due diligence. Moreover, all employees are expected to raise concerns discovered through doing business with outside partners so that appropriate remedial actions can be taken.


The purpose of this policy is to provide Leaf Energy employees with guidelines on how to share their product development work products with our customers and suppliers. Under the criteria, Leaf Energy will decide under what conditions and what products it will share with its customers and suppliers. Leaf Energy has adopted this policy to ensure the same answer is given to all customers and suppliers.


All members of Leaf Energy are expected to protect the confidential information of our Company, as well as our customers, business partners and employees. It includes all non-public information that might be used by competitors or harmful to the Company or its customers if disclosed, such as account numbers, specific contractual information between Leaf Energy and its customers, stakeholder contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses, credit card information, and similar information. The organization’s employees all encounter some level of private business information; therefore, they are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this information. Disclosure or distribution of information by directors, officers, or employees is strictly prohibited. Except for disclosures authorized by Leaf Energy or pursuant to applicable law, rule, or regulation, or pursuant to a legal proceeding, Leaf Energy’s confidential information is not to be disclosed. Directors, officers, and employees are required to use confidential information only for legitimate Company purposes. Leaf Energy’s staff, directors and officers must return all confidential and proprietary information to Leaf Energy if they cease to work for Leaf Energy or to serve Leaf Energy otherwise.
You may be asked for information about the Company by third parties. As noted in the preceding paragraph, directors, officers, and employees must not discuss internal company matters with, or divulge internal company information to, anyone outside the company, except as necessary in fulfilling their Company duties and, if appropriate, after a confidentiality agreement is in place. This prohibition applies to inquiries concerning the Company from the media, market professionals (such as analysts, institutional investors, investment advisers, brokers, and dealers), and security holders. Only authorized company spokespersons may respond to inquiries on behalf of the company. When asked questions of this nature, you should decline to comment and refer the inquirer to your supervisor or a Company spokesperson. In addition, you must adhere to any lawful obligations you may have towards your former employer. Among these obligations are restrictions on the use and disclosure of confidential information, restrictions on the solicitation of former colleagues to work for the Company, and non-competition obligations.


As part of our daily operations, we prepare and utilize a variety of documents and records. A few specific examples are financial reports, employee timesheets, expense reports, corporate books, contracts, and a variety of other such documents and records. Documents and records are crucial for guiding business decision-making and have an impact on financial operations. To ensure the integrity, reliability, and accuracy of Leaf Energy records, we also rely on external and internal auditors. Because of this, Leaf Energy employees are responsible for maintaining the integrity of these records by providing accurate and timely information. Leaf Energy directors, officers, and employees are prohibited from entering transactions with the intent to document or record them in a deceptive or unlawful manner. Furthermore, no employee or director of Leaf Energy is allowed to create false or artificial documentation or book entries for the purpose of accounting. In the event of intentional falsification of documents, disciplinary action up to and including termination will be taken.


Leaf Energy believes that its directors, officers, and employees are entitled to engage in outside activities they deem appropriate and desirable. However, these activities may not affect or interfere with the execution of their duties to the Company or their ability to act in Leaf Energy’s best interests. Leaf Energy’s officers, directors, and employees must, in many if not all cases, avoid situations that present a conflict between their personal interests and Leaf Energy’s interests.
A conflict of interest arises when the interests of a director, officer, or employee interfere with those of Leaf Energy. In addition to the following, conflicts of interest may arise due to:
Working outside of Leaf Energy for customers, suppliers, or other business partners, or for competitors.

Making use of confidential or proprietary information of the company for personal gain; and Accepting gifts, meals, entertainment, travel expenses or other benefits. our direct supervisor and Human Resources should be made aware of any transaction or relationship that could reasonably be considered a conflict of interest. Directors, executive officers, and members of the Legal Department should disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest directly to the Chairman of the Board. We encourage you to ask your manager, Human Resources, or a senior member of leadership if you have any questions about having a conflict of interest.


We at Leaf Energy do our best to comply with the letter and spirit of every regulation we are required to follow Regulations, rules, and laws applicable. Leaf Energy’s directors, officers, and employees are prohibited from engaging in unlawful activities as part of conducting Leaf Energy’s business or performing their day-to-day Company duties, nor may they instruct others to engage in unlawful activities.
It is your responsibility to report any violation of any law, rule, or regulation by the Company, whether by its directors, officers, employees, or third parties doing business on the Company’s behalf.
You should report the matter to your supervisor or the Compliance Officer as soon as possible. While it is the Company’s desire to address matters internally, nothing in this Code of Conduct should discourage you from informing the appropriate regulatory authority about any illegal activity, including any violations of securities laws, antitrust laws, environmental laws or any other federal, state, or foreign law, rule, or regulation. Employees who report such violations may not be discharged, demoted, suspended, harassed, threatened, or treated in any other manner because they reported the violation, unless it can be established that the report was made with knowledge that it was false. In accordance with this Code of Conduct, you are not prohibited from participating, testifying, or otherwise helping in any state, federal, or local administrative or judicial proceeding or investigation.


Leaf Energy’s business spans international boundaries. International trade is regulated in several countries Including imports, exports, and other types of international financial transactions. Moreover, the United States prohibits cooperating with boycotts against friendly nations, certain countries or groups are known to “blacklist” firms that operate in the United States. Leaf Energy’s policy is to comply with these laws and regulations even if it means losing some business opportunities. Leaf Energy employees should be aware of the extent to which U.S. and international trade controls apply to their transactions. In situations where employees need further guidance, they should seek assistance from management.


As the Code of Conduct cannot address every situation, you will need to seek guidance When you are unsure of the best course of action to take. To raise concerns or ask questions, there are several ways available. Management and employees must report possible violations of law, the Code of Conduct, and other policies and procedures.
In addition to your direct supervisor, Human Resources, Legal, and any other manager or senior manager within the organization, you have the option to speak with multiple members of the organization at your discretion. You may also use our anonymous reporting hotline and/or our confidential reporting email address to report concerns. Contact email for these items is as follows: [email protected]
Reports of concerns will be investigated promptly and comprehensively by our generation Also, all employees and business partners must cooperate with the investigative process by providing truthful and accurate information as best as they can. For the benefit of all employees and business partners, remedial actions will be taken based on the findings of
each investigation.


It is unacceptable for our organization to retaliate against an employee who makes a report in good faith Whether or not there have been violations of law, the Company’s Code of Conduct, or any other policy. According to the findings, we will investigate instances of retaliation and take appropriate remedial measures.


The Code of Conduct should not be waived for the benefit of directors or executive officer (which includes, without limitation for purposes of the Code of Conduct, Leaf Energy’s principal
executive, financial and accounting officers) shall be effective unless: (I) approved by the Board of Directors or, if permitted, a committee thereof; and (ii) if applicable, such waiver is promptly disclosed in accordance with applicable U.S. securities laws and/or the rules and regulations of the exchange or system on which the Company’s shares are traded or quoted.
Any waivers of the Code of Conduct for other employees may be made by the Compliance Officer, the Board of Directors or, if permitted, a committee thereof.

The Board of Directors or a committee thereof must approve any amendments to the Code of Conduct, which must be disclosed promptly in accordance with applicable U.S. securities laws and/or the rules and regulations of the exchange or system on which Leaf Energy’s shares are traded.


This code of conduct serves as a guide for how our organization conducts business Maintaining integrity and acting with honesty. It does not constitute an employment contract and does not confer any rights relating to employment. It is not a comprehensive list of all Company policies, and you are required to know and follow all Company policies that pertain to your job. Violations of Company policies can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to amend the contents of the Code of Conduct and other Company policies at any time. Therefore, you are responsible for staying informed about Company policies on an ongoing basis.
We at Leaf Energy are proud to stand behind our Code of Conduct and related Company policies, as they are crucial to creating a working environment that will allow us to succeed as an organization and as individuals.

The Board of Directors or a committee thereof must approve any amendments to the Code of Conduct, which must be disclosed promptly in accordance with applicable U.S. securities laws and/or the rules and regulations of the exchange or system on which Leaf Energy’s shares are traded.

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