Environmental and Social Policy Statement

This Policy Statement represents Leaf Energy’s commitment to the principles of sustainable development, environmental protection, and social responsibility. An important objective of Leaf Energy’s Environmental and Social (ES) Policy is proper development and implementation of an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) to ensure compliance with local legislations and international environmental, social, health and safety (ESHS) standards. Leaf Energy is committed to conducting business and providing services in a thoughtful and responsible way, with a view to preventing pollution and safeguarding the natural and social environment. Leaf Energy is dedicated to the continuous improvement of operational performance to reduce any adverse environmental and social impacts that result from company’s activities.

To achieve this, Leaf Energy hereby commits itself and its operations to the following:

  • Designing, developing, operating, and maintaining the electricity transmission and dispatch system in a safe, reliable, sustainable, environmentally, and socially responsible, and efficient manner.

  • Respecting local legislation where Leaf Energy operates as well as international standards.

  • Applying a proactive approach to identifying and evaluating environmental and social risks and impacts, applying the mitigation hierarchy to anticipate and avoid risks and impacts, minimizing such impacts where possible, mitigating, and compensating or offsetting risks and impacts when appropriate.

  • Communicate and promote awareness, accountability, and environmental and social responsibility to employees, clients, partners, suppliers, contractors, government, the public, and other stakeholders.

  • Ensuring all managers, supervisors and employees are aware of the organizational and of their individual responsibilities for environmental, social, and health and safety performance and that information and training is provided to enable employees and contractors to operate in a manner that minimizes risk to their health and to the environment.

  • Providing mechanisms for employees and other stakeholders to express concerns and make suggestions about Leaf Energy’s activities and practices and acting in a transparent and accountable manner to address and respond to concerns and feedback.

  • Ensuring effective management of safety and health for Leaf Energy’s employees, clients, product users, and anyone else who interacts with Leaf Energy’s facilities and operations.

  • Minimizing the generation of waste products and ensuring that disposal of waste is conducted in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

  • Considering safety and protection of the environment and the population as critical factors in all business decisions, to appropriately balance economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

  • Developing and implementing procedures to prevent emergencies from arising, and to prepare for and respond to emergency situations that cannot be prevented.

  • Minimizing risk for involuntary resettlement and mitigating the impacts on livelihoods by careful planning in consultation with affected persons.

  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets for environmental and social performance in order to strive for continuous improvement.

  • Engaging in open dialogue with and considering the views of local communities and stakeholders before making decisions that could affect those communities and community members via free, prior, and informed consultations.

  • Ensuring that Leaf Energy’s procurement system considers the environmental, social, and health and safety credentials in of awarding contract and considers the full lifecycle of assets when procuring equipment or infrastructure.

  • Actively supporting the development of new technologies and processes that could further improve environmental, social, and health and safety performance.

  • Strictly adhering to Leaf Energy’s Employees’ Code of Conduct setting corporate principles of legal and ethical behavior and requiring adherence to the same principles of all contractors involved in the construction or maintenance of Leaf Energy’s infrastructure.

  • Ensuring this policy is accessible within the workplace and effectively implemented throughout all facilities and operations of Leaf Energy.

Approved by Leaf Energy’s Board of Directors on the 13th day of May; 2021