The First Green All Electric Long Range Delivery Motorbike

If the last few years have taught us anything, I would propose it is how much we have taken for granted the infrastructure around us. We have been forced to shop online, seen shortages in products we had never second guessed, and were shocked to see delays in delivery.

Let us take a brief detour to explore the last-mile delivery industry in a bit more detail. The world truly is shifting to an online experience, as the online market has seen a 65% growth over the last year. Beyond that, 70% of restaurant’s orders are now ordered and delivered via an app. But with all of these deliveries, the environmental problem of emissions compounds, with the only solution being electrification.

So why has this industry not exploded yet? Well, we see four critical flaws in the current infrastructure that need to be addressed. First, existing solutions are cost prohibitive, and consumers are unwilling to spend more to cover higher delivery costs. The next three problems, however, all reside around the delivery companies instead. First and foremost, is recharge time of electric delivery vehicles. Charging takes too long in an industry where time in of the essence. Compounding this problem, the range of these devices is incompatible with market needs, and finally, as the old saying goes, time is money. And with slow scooters, these companies cannot make enough deliveries to justify the expenditure because of low speeds of the vehicles.

The opportunity emerges, though, to capitalize on the focus that last-mile delivery has garnered, a start-up by the name Leaf Energy is about to deliver the industry’s first sustainable efficient commercial delivery purpose-built electric motorcycle.

This is the first project of its kind that targets explicitly delivery fleet operators (Post, Food delivery apps, Groceries, Courier, and parcel etc.) It is an entirely green eco-friendly project with guaranteed zero emissions.

Leaf delivery motorbikes is a first of its kind electric delivery vehicle. The company has designed the critical infrastructure to address the previous problems. First, to address the cost and speed constraints, they have built the bike in-house designed specifically for the delivery industry. For the range, they leveraged cutting-edge lithium-ion technology to garner up to 150km range and a 100km/h top speed. Finally, the recharge time is addressed by their swap and go stations, where drivers can be back on the road in less than a minute. And perhaps the best part; these stations operate 24/7 and are powered by dedicated synchronization software to ensure maximum up-time.

Leaf’s smart bikes operate under a digital platform that can streamline the logistics process to save the operators and consumers time and money, the platform combines real-time communication, visibility, and analytics. with live updates it allows the operators to instantly track every courier in their fleet to catch exceptions early, avoid delays and make more effective decisions. And with targeted updates, it can connect the fleet operator with their teams to align their decision-making.

source: https://disruptmagazine.com/the-first-green-all-electric-long-range-delivery-motorbike/