A sculpted and timeless masterpiece

Leaf energy Inc, a start-up that produces electric eco-friendly transport solutions is introducing a smart e-moped style motorbike, Reo!

In absolute silence, the eMopped soundless bike lets you revel in the open road and will distinct itself from any other bike we’ve seen on the market so far, we imagined the sensations of tomorrow in designing a high-end motorcycle today which combines the best technologies and materials that offered us you a unique experience.

The Reo comes with a small base that you can leave in the bike and when you want o recharge you plug in the base and place the battery on top, no wires, no mess, love it.

The bike was undergoing development for one year, with all the aspects of the bike being built from scratch, it merges advanced technology with organic materials and visionary aesthetics to entice riders looking for a futuristic, high tech balanced design.

With a Bosch motor, a high-performance Lithium-ion battery, 3 speed mode & cruise controlLED lights, 21° ° Climbing ability, Bluetooth, LED display pannel, large under seat compartment and an automatic accurate & stable control motor unit for different road conditions, the bike has borderless elements.
With its zero emissions standards, the bike is a visual demonstration of the users commitment to the green movement.

You become one with the bike and you cannot stop looking at it.