Leaf energy Inc, a start-up that produces electric eco-friendly transport solutions is introducing a smart e-moped style scooter, REO, built for those craving a high-tech, aesthetic design, offers just what you need to ride away from boredom.

Its brilliant design, equipped with a Bosch motor, gives the bike a 20mph top speed (which doesn’t require a license in most states*) with 38 Miles of range per charge, a climbing capability of 21°, and a 3-speed cruise control. 

The bike has a unique feature which is wireless charging, we cab recharge anyehre by using a small base for the battery to sit on.

Once on the bike, you’ll notice the comfort of the seats, with plenty of storage right underneath. Coupled with this comfort comes design, where you’ll see a stunning LED digital display, housing built in Bluetooth and GPS.

To top it all off, the bike doesn’t require a separate charger for its battery. You simply plug it into any power outlet like you would when charging your phone!

The bike delivers performance and aesthetics, creating a bold visual statement for onlookers to admire.


*The eMoped bike style electric bike. No license is required in most states in the US. Please refer to local laws and regulations for license requirements.