Is this the end of the fleet decarbonization battle?

Leaf Energy, an electric vehicle venture, has developed the industry’s first smart commercial vehicle (LDCEV) using their patent pending LICMB battery technology, which is paired with an advanced charging station that allows the vehicle to be charged in under one minute, called the Leaf Express”. The Intelligent Transportation System called “Go-Ev” platform allows fleet managers to optimize the number of last-mile trips their fleets make by analyzing live data from connected vehicles. Their transportation sector thereby becomes zero-emissions, as well as reduces their logistics operating costs by 44 percent.

When they began planning this project in early 2020, they anticipated that the pandemic and climate change would coincide and spur a massive shift to electric cars. In their study, they examined a range of potential challenges fleet owners might encounter while electrifying or reducing carbon emissions, from transition planning to recharging control.

“For EVs to provide a high level of reliability comparable to that of combustion engines, we had to build an electric vehicle for long-range deliveries, which gives enough speed, the recharge time must be short and predictable, and can deliver a level of power that matches the current conventional fuel-powered vehicles,” Ali Saab, the co-founder of Leaf Energy said.

“The past 24 months have been dedicated to finding long-term and practical solutions. We have generated a multitude of ideas and examined numerous possibilities, condensing them into one highly successful combination,” Ali added.

Platforms like this one offer a very promising and reliable solution to the Last Mile industry. It is currently being tested for compliance with the North American safety standards for market entry.

While similar products are available in many markets, they are consumer-oriented and have limited range and speed, and they are not designed for commercial use like the LCDEV is.

In an era when environmental issues are at the forefront of every country’s agenda, this innovation would definitely transform the transportation sector.

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