Green Mobility for Everyone

Seamless, Limitless Technology

We provide analytics and insights to help you better manage your fleet, drivers and operations from one database.

Cost Effective

We are committed to eliminating your carbon emissions without imposing financial burdens on you.

Endless Possibilities

Our goal is to facilitate your transition to an economic, long-term green mobility solution, ensuring both the sustainability and growth of your business.

Having complete visibility and control over last-mile operations is essential for logistics providers. To make optimal decisions, supply chain professionals need a customizable delivery dashboard that provides critical information. This is the benefit of last mile tracking systems.



Track your orders in real-time with LEAF GO EV live dashboard. Our last-mile delivery app GO EV helps your delivery fleet with their pickup and drop-off requests.


A birds-eye view of your entire operations is made available to you for visualizing and tweaking scheduled plans via three key metrics- geography, time, & vehicle (fleet).


Leaf’s proprietary geofencing technology monitors each fleet unit in real-time into precise geographical coordinates helping fleet operators monitor their fleet activity around the clock.


This feature allows you to visualize your plans on a screen in the post-planning session. It allows you to look at your plan via three different metrics- geography, time & vehicle; and tweak your plan accordingly to ensure better productivity. Single screen for multiple leg movement.

Intelligent Battery

Built using highly efficient Lithium-ion battery technology, which is lightweight and has a long-life.
Intelligent Battery Management Systems keep a constant check on the battery vitals, therefore optimizing performance and ensuring safety.
Tough, tamperproof exterior with electro-mechanical lock, with over 30 onboard sensors and GPS tracking system that ensures security against misuse/theft.
Designed from the ground up for urban and city operating environments, our bikes offer protection against rough handling, tampering, high temperatures and humidity.
1, 2 or 3 battery packs can be carried, depending on your planned route.

Energy Supply in a Flash

Supports all of LEAF’s eBikes.
Compared to 4-8 hours of conventional charging time, each Smart Battery can be swapped in under 2 minutes.
Highly efficient air conditioning of battery packs ensures temperature regulation while charging.
Each Interchange Station can do more than 200 battery swaps per day, ensuring optimized use of real estate within the station.
Autonomous operation for our stations with limited remote intervention required; each Quick Interchange Station unit runs analytics and machine learning algorithms to keep itself running to speed.
RFID enabled key fobs used for authentication and making digital payments only for energy consumed.

SDG monitoring and reporting

In line with your vision of being a responsible corporate entity and in line with our values of transparency, integrity, and respect for the environment, and in order to support the Sustainable Development Goals, we developed the Smart Diagnosis Hub. A Leaf Energy innovation developed from scratch and uniquely integrated into the core of the Leaf device.

Leaf Fleet vehicles directly report their own emissions, GHG, noise pollution and overall footprint without intervention to a unified pool. This data pool, which then reports the total footprint to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, unfiltered and uninterrupted. By using this tool, you save your business and your employees the time and effort of completing calculations. Ensuring that your organization remains compliant and updated daily rather than at the end of the year.

Core systems

Passive management of the Quick Interchange Stations insures charging & cooling of the batteries, selecting which batteries are swapped out when needed.
This helps drivers keep a constant check on the battery vitals, track batteries in real time, facilitate station operations and ensures service delivery optimization.
This assists in remote monitoring of SUN Mobility’s core assets (Battery packs and the QIS’)
Enables autonomous operation for the QIS’ with limited remote intervention. Each QIS doubles up as an IOT Edge computing unit to run analytics and machine learning algorithms
RFID enabled key fobs assist in authentication and making digital payments only for the energy consumed
These provide information on the vehicles, the swaps, and trend reports on the core assets for further analysis